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Intuitive Art Workshop with RoseAnn Janzen

  • Inclusion Alberta 11724 Kingsway Avenue Edmonton, AB Canada (map)

Intuitive Art: Learn how to have a two-way conversation with your Higher Self.

The Archelaus method of Intuitive Art is an easy three-step tool that allows you to get answers from your Higher Self.

Intuitive Art is a tool for connecting you with your higher wisdom and allowing you to solve your problems outside of your head. It’s also a form of channeling. We are connecting with a situation, getting an answer, and bringing that through the ethers, into your body, and down onto paper. I like to think of it as connecting an invisible string to the answer you need up in space, and pulling on the string until the answer shows up in a drawing.

Since everything is energy, there is no limit to what you can draw using Intuitive Art. You can draw answers to heavy emotional problems, or you can draw the energy of your cat, car, or home. Everything has an energy signature and that is the energy that you are channeling. The sky is the limit!

The process of Intuitive Art is broken down into three easy steps.

1. Connect
2. Draw
3. Decode.

And, you’ll have reliable answers at your fingertips.

In this class, we’ll do 3 drawings:

*Your Soul Portrait
*Your Aura
*One to answer a question of your choosing

All materials are provided by the Certified Intuitive Art Instructor, RoseAnn Janzen.

RoseAnn Janzen is an author, artist, Source of Success coach, business psychic, and creator of the Expanding Consciousness Game. She helps Conscious-Minded Entrepreneurs, experience their being, identify and clarify their mission and goals, and reach for success. She does psychic readings and profiling for entrepreneurs and their business, offers the Source of Success program, and does private Reach for Your Goals coaching.

She has over 45 years experience in business, finance, and creative entrepreneurship to support her clients.

$35 CAD includes all materials.

E-transfer or send payment via PayPal to reserve your seat!

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