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Communicate with Loved Ones in Spirit - Online

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Intuitive Art Workshop with Laura Ghedotte

In this workshop you will learn how to have a two-way conversation with your Higher Self and your loved ones who have passed on.

This is a safe, easy way to communicate with those who are in spirit. No intuitive or art experience is needed to get clear messages using this method.

Are you ready to have clear, reliable access to those you love no matter what form they take?

This class covers:

  • Connecting with your higher self & strengthening communication. You’ll learn the language of your higher self so you can confidently get answers any time.

  • Communicating with Loved Ones in Spirit. Learn how to ask for and receive messages any time you desire.

  • Allowing yourself to be supported. Learn to accept and use the support of your loved ones in your day to day life.

Your loved ones are alive and well, we just can’t always see them! Intuitive Art is a great way to check in with them and feel connected.

This class is taught by Laura Ghedotte, Head Teacher for the Intuitive Art Academy and Psychic Medium. She’ll gently guide you into confident communication with those you with to speak to on the other side.

Here are the details:

Date: October 26, 2019

Time: 1pm Eastern / 10am Pacific

Duration: 2 Hours 

Location: Online via Zoom

We all know we have intuition, but following our instincts isn’t always easy. Brilliantly simple and engaging, Intuitive Art unlocks the mysteries of intuitive living and hands you the decoder ring.
— Maya Cointreau, Author of The Comprehensive Vibrational Healing Guide

About Your Teacher


Laura is a Certified Intuitive Art Practitioner, a Certified Story Coach, Psychic Medium, and the creator of the Jump In Method. Her mission is to support and empower women to masterfully navigate the transitions of life with ease, wisdom, clarity, and self-expression.

About Intuitive Art

Intuitive Art is an easy three step process that allows you to get answers from your Higher Self through color. If you can close your eyes and scribble, you can do Intuitive Art! No art or intuitive experience is necessary. We’ll show you how to turn that pile of scribbles into specific guidance. Here’s an example of what an Intuitive Art drawing looks like: