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What is Intuitive Art?


Intuitive Art is a term used by many.  Some people use the term when drawing or painting with no specific outcome in mind, others use it to draw symbols, animals, or other totems.  The Intuitive Art that is referenced and taught by the this site and the Intuitive Art Academy™ is something a bit different.  You don’t need any art or intuitive experience to practice this method.

The Archelaus method of Intuitive Art is an easy three step tool that allows you to get answers from your Higher Self.

Intuitive Art is a tool for connecting you with your higher wisdom and allowing you to solve your problems outside of your head. It’s also a form of channeling.  We are connecting with a situation, getting an answer, and bringing that through the ethers, into your body, and down onto paper.  I like to think of it as connecting an invisible string to the answer you need up in space, and pulling on the string until the answer shows up in a drawing. 

Since everything is energy, there is no limit to what you can draw using Intuitive Art.  You can draw answers to heavy emotional problems, or you can draw the energy of your cat, car, or home.  Everything has an energy signature and that is the energy that you are channeling.  I have drawn people’s auras, their relationships, flowers, and cities.  The sky is the limit!

The process of Intuitive Art is broken down into three easy steps.  First, we’ll take a look at an overview of the process, then in a later chapter we will dive deeper into each step individually.

Step 1: Connect

Step 1 is where you decide what you want the drawing to show you. It can be your current emotional state, a relationship to a person or circumstance, or even a future outcome. You naturally connect with your Higher Self through the intention to make an Intuitive Art drawing. For best results, it’s best to have a specific inquiry here. 

Step 2: Draw

In the drawing phase, you place all the power in your hand and let it choose the colors, the forms, and the intensity of the drawing. You complete this step with your eyes closed. It’s also important to note that this process happens very quickly, will result in something that looks like scribbles or shaded lines, and is something that everyone has the natural ability to do. 

Step 3: Decode

This step is where you learn what the drawing says. You will use your own color meanings, which you’ll find in any Beginner Class. This step gets easier as you practice, but you will be able to read your very first drawing with clarity if you asked a specific question. Over time, you will develop a fluent language based on your own color associations. It will become shorthand to your soul. 

That’s the whole process.  Just 1-2-3 and you have reliable answers at your fingertips. 

Take our free class or find a workshop near you and try it for yourself.

Rachel Archelaus

Founder of the Intuitive Art Academy


Rachel Archelaus experiences life as a multidimensional being. She has seen and interacted with the nonphysical world since her childhood and continues to have a rich experience of different beings, star systems, and energies.

She is the founder of the Intuitive Art Academy which teaches people how to have a two-way conversation with their Higher Selves through color. The Certified Intuitive Artist™ program helps healers, therapists, and coaches to create a lucrative & impactful business using Intuitive Art.

In 2008 she founded Sephyrus Press which publishes poetry and self help. Intuitive Art: How to Have a Two-Way Conversation with Your Higher Self and Above the Surface, are her latest books.


 Certified Intuitive Artists™

RoseAnn Janzen
Alberta, Canada

Angelina Vilar
Wollongong, Australia

Deana Hoover
Nevada, USA

Lexy Spendlove
Utah, USA

Anna Scott
Ontario, Canada

Daniela Dumitriu
Bucharest, Romania

Patty Adamik
Texas, USA

Claudia Rodriguez Cruz
Prague, Czech Republic

Judy Blonairz
Washington, USA

Ben Rockwell
Massachusetts, USA

Cathy Catlin
Arizona, USA

Carolyn Michelman
Massachusetts, USA

J Burnett Robert
Pennsylvania, USA

Susanna Odlin
Mainstone, UK

Chantal de Souza
Strasbourg, France

Cindia Carrere
Oregon, USA

Julie LeCarrer
Brussels, Belgium

Laura Ghedotte
Michigan, USA

Carrie Roldan
California, USA

Jean Berry
Texas, USA

Leslie Cottrell Simonds
Massachusetts, USA

Julie Batdke
Wisconsin, USA


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